Artist Statement

To take advantage of the unlimited depth of field of the pinhole camera I use in this series, I’ve tended to place my camera at ground level. The consequence for this series has been to reverse our typical sense of order and significance. Small, discarded objects suddenly become larger and less like discarded objects while huge buildings in the background begin to look more like dollhouses.

A new, previously unnoticed world begins to emerge. The larger, “normal” world remains visible with its buildings, cars and sidewalks but has become strangely silent, remote and inactive. We might imagine a small creature wandering through this collection of weeds, pebbles and dirt with little awareness or concern for the distant world of the humans. Adding to the strangeness are the peculiar patches of natural growth springing from the cracks of this asphalt-covered world. One has the sense we’re seeing the beginning of a steady reclaiming of the urban environment by the natural elements which the city was designed to control if not destroy.

All images copyright © 2001-2017 Michael McCarthy, all rights reserved.