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My List of useful Collected Links

I have accumulated over the years a huge list of links. These reflect my own interests as an active artist. List of different galleries and museums that typically exhibit photography, sites dealing with alternative photography (my specialty), art fairs and festivals, photo search engines as well as a long list of links for those looking for opportunties for artist grants or artist residencies as well as photo book publishers


Art Reference Web Site Links

1. Digital Art Sites Digital samples & source material
2. Photography Galleries Galleries in U.S. and abroad
3. Photography Museums
Museums in U.S. and abroad
4. Alternative Photography Sites
Pinhole, toy cameras, alt. process...
5. Other Photo Sites
Online galleries, magazines & photo agencies
6. Art Fairs & Festivals
Art Fairs, festivals, biennales in U.S. and abroad
7. General Art Information Site Information on grants, residencies, competitions, etc.
8. Photography Search Engines


Other Artists' Web Site Links

1. Artist & Poet Sites & Web Blogs Links to other artists & poets


Arts Information Web Site Links

1. Artist Grants Grants in U.S. and abroad
2. Artist Residencies Residencies in U.S. and abroad
3. Photography Publishers Publishers of photography in U.S. and abroad
4. Art Supplies Online access to art supplies


Regional Arts Web Site Links

1. South of France Cultural Institutions in South of France
2. Art & Culture Events in Italy Cultural events in Italy
3. Art & Culture Events in Central New York State Cultural events in New York